As Mayor of Elko, Nevada I am pleased to reflect on the City of Elko’s incorporation in 1917 and the 100 years since while looking forward to the years to come. On March 14, 1917 the City of Elko was incorporated by the People of the State of Nevada. Elko first identified as a railroad community, but can now be recognized in many different ways, such as a mining and ranching community.  With Elko having so many different ways to identify as a community, it has been able to transition in unique ways and I now invite you to join in our celebration, reflecting on who we are, where we came from, and where we are heading.

When looking back at old photographs from as far back as the incorporation in 1917, one can see that Elko still has many of the same buildings and unique characteristics as it did back then. Even though much of Elko is still the same, one of the most noticeable changes has been the rapid growth of the community. Much of this growth is due to the discovery of the precious resources that can be found surrounding Elko. We are very thankful for these resources and look forward to the transitions Elko will go through in the future. 

The City of Elko’s 100th anniversary celebration is an opportunity for us to share our history, culture, and future with people throughout the world. Elko has a promising future, with the best days still to come, and together we can make this celebration one we will remember and cherish for many years to come.


Sincere regards,



Chris Johnson, Mayor

Past Mayors

James Polkinghorne, 1991-1995

Michael J. Franzoia, 1995-2010

Frank Williams, 1955-1967

Frank Weinrauch, 1967-1971

L.L. Stenovich (left), Elko Mayor, 1971-1973 with D. Ray Gardner

George Corner (right), Elko Mayor, 1973-1991 with Lee Hoffman

W.S. Dupont, 1927-1929

Dave Dotta (left), Elko Mayor, 1929-1955 with Honorary Mayor, Bing Crosby

J.A. McBride, first Mayor of Elko, 1917-1921

Robert W. Hesson, 1921-1927

Mayor's Message

Chris Johnson, Elko City Mayor 2010-Present